Charbaji Consultants provide highly sophisticated statistical analysis for Ph.D 
                                                and master students 
Six Sigma Management and Prince2 CertificationData Collection Questionnaire ConstructionStatistical AnalysisMarketing ResearchBusiness ResearchEducational ResearchSocial ResearchLongitudinal ResearchTime Series AnalysisExperimental ResearchSWOT AnalysisBuilding and Testing Causal ModelsProject ManagementTrainingFeasibility Study

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About Us
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About Us

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CHARBAJI Consultants    was founded in 2001 and has developed   an international team of consultants with solid senior line experience in applied statistics, survey, marketing research, feasibility study, econometrics, management, finance, and MIS.

Mission Statement

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To provide staff training, conduct surveys, and to provide adding value in the digital human computer interaction age

Vision Statement

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To provide internal and external customer satisfaction and to optimize high quality work processes with  low cos

Code of Ethics

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CHARBAJI Consultants follows the highest  ethical standards

Contact Us

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The following are our contacts


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